Merle Rosen


Area of Operation: (Cincinnati) Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, WV, Western PA

Merle Rosen, a practicing artist in Cincinnati for the past 45 years, has shown extensively in museums and galleries. She has received artist grants and fellowships. Her work is in regional and national collections, both private and corporate. In addition to being a studio artist, Rosen has been teaching in the arts at museum schools, universities, colleges and community art centers. She began painting with Golden acrylics in 1991, long before having a professional association with the company. She has continued to use Golden products from that time through the present in paintings, drawings, sculpture, fabric and furniture. Rosen teaches Golden workshops in the Northside community of Cincinnati, OH. One-on-one mentoring is also available. Two DVDs from F&W Publications featuring her distinctive use of acrylics and collage were released in December 2008. They are "Acrylic Materials and Techniques for Expressive Painting with Merle Rosen" and "Step by Step Guide to Acrylic Collage with Merle Rosen". Her work is also included in several recently published books on contemporary acrylic and collage techniques.


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