Megan Majewski


Area of Operation: Vancouver

Megan Majewski is a pop surrealist artist who has been featured in prominent galleries around the world. Over the years, her paintings have graced the walls of Gallery 1988, Ayden, La luz De Jesus, C.A.V.E. Gallery, and many more. The dark and beautiful characters in her work evoke human emotions in exquisite surreal detail. Surrealism mines dreams and the unconscious while popular culture is concerned with the phenomena of our mainstream culture. Bringing the two together creates a dreamlike world that resembles our own. Megan started her career in animation after attending the Vancouver Film School. Her short film "Spook" has gone to many festivals including Annecy, and was also used as a music video for the UK band Tunng. She has worked in all areas of CG from films like IRobot to television series such as Battlestar Galactica, to cartoons like Viva Pinata. After a few years working on cartoons and movies, she left animation to pursue her painting career full time. Since leaving the 3D industry, she has been showing her work in solo and group shows around the world. Including a recent solo show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles where she completed "100 Paintings in 100 Days" for the second time in her career. The popularity of her work stems from the intricate dreamscapes that blend life with death, and dark mythical characters with a touch of delicate elegance. From here, she will continue to paint the odd, morbid and beautiful things that come from the dark depths of her mind.