Morag Stokes


Area of Operation: New Zealand, Wellington

Morag is a Scottish born NZ painter and her work is largely inspired by the material possibilities of paint. She enjoys the challenges of abstraction in painting, and her finished works reflect the interplay of materials and processes. Dragging paint over and off surfaces, and working with what is left behind is the essence of how she paints. The end results, which she calls her ‘drag’ and ‘text’ works, often have a strong linear quality. Her main influences come from Celtic, Aboriginal and Pacific Island art forms. Morag runs weekly workshops for 'outsider artists' at Pablos Art Studios in Wellington and for psychiatric patients at Kenepuru Hospital in Porirua. Through her work as an artist educator with GOLDEN Artists Colours Ltd., she has developed a programme of structured workshops for artists which are usually held on a monthly basis from her studio in Wellington. In addition to this, Morag also offers the less structured Artist Sessions in 6 week blocks for artists who want to work on their own projects with tuition and materials on hand.