Jaya King

Website: www.jayasart.com

Area of Operation: Sacramento, California

Jaya King is a California native based out of Sacramento who has been showing, teaching, and demonstrating her work throughout the San Francisco Bay Area since 2003. Her artistic beginnings of dramatic portraiture with gouache have laid a strong foundation for her current work in both acrylic and encaustic. Jaya has a passion for color and finds excitement exploring the nuances of color relationships while painting. Her powerful acrylic landscapes and dynamic encaustic abstracts both share the theme of using a limited color palette. Her love affair with the encaustic abstract marries both balance of technique and personal connection to the viewer. Her enjoyment of teaching creates a learning environment designed to inspire others to explore their own artistic capabilities. Jaya’s enthusiasm for painting is infectious and it propels her down a path of inspiration and understanding through creation. Her work has been published in Splash 11: New Directions, Incite 3: The Best of Mixed Media, and recently in Art Journey Animals – Inspiring Masterworks. At age 24 she was invited to do a solo show at Stanford University and is in the permanent collection at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara.