Ashley Gaboury


Area of Operation: Alberta, Canada

Even before graduating with a BFA in Studio Arts in 2003 at The University of Lethbridge, I worked as an instructor at The Prairie Art Gallery in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Over the past eighteen years I've established myself as a 2-dimensional art instructor, while simultaneously developing as a professional artist. Exuding enthusiasm and passion about drawing, I am continually pushing the boundaries within my artwork. I create in a myriad of mediums including but not limited to watercolor pencils, alcohol-based markers, acrylics and mixed media. Although my artwork has transitioned immensely over the years, the common thread has been my dedication to aestheticism and balance. Utilizing watercolor techniques with acrylics on canvas I am able to imbue each piece with my high-contrast, low-key aesthetic. The bulk of my work has spiritual undertones, often playing with the dualism of light and dark, and the dichotomy of good and evil. My artwork has evolved to reflect the dramatic impact humans have had on our surroundings, specifically, the domestication of Canis Lupus (wolves) into Canis Lupus Familiaris (dogs). In order to better understand the instinctive behaviour patterns of dogs and wolves, I began a comprehensive study and collaboration with The Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary in Cochrane, Alberta. I create drawings using watercolour pencil on canvas, with the intention of capturing their instinctual nature, curiosity, and stoicism. I sell fine art prints to raise funds and awareness for the sanctuary. Lately I’ve been experimenting with combining techniques from my mixed media painting into my watercolor pencil drawing style. This is a hybrid form of art making, where the structured drawing is counterbalanced with abstract expressionism. I continue to investigate the intrinsic qualities that separate wolves from dogs, and explore our spiritual and evolutionary connection to these animals. In addition, my work in alcohol-based markers has been a major part of my career as an instructing artist. I’ve created a series of Modern Markers workshops, wherein I instruct teens and adults how to use alcohol-based markers. Spirit animals and portraits being predominant subject matters. As Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres become more prevalent in mainstream society, I pride myself in capturing the essence of a character using watercolor pencils, markers or mixed media. These characters are part of my artist presence at the Comic and Entertainment Expos and have now become vinyl decals for hand-made Canadian maple longboards. Versatility and perseverance as an artist enables me to continually be “sharing my passion for creating and instructing art!”