Amber Bayham

Website: @amberrhyanne

Area of Operation: Lafayette, Louisiana

My full name is Amber Rhyanne Bayham. I grew up on Bayou Grosse Tete in Iberville Parish in South Louisiana within only a few miles of The Atchafalaya Basin. Most of my childhood was spent at my grandparents’ homes between “piney woods” and “cypress trees”. Their homes were filled with “laughter, love, and life”. Of my early years, “Life was real, but not always easy”. It was in this environment, that I began to explore drawing and painting. My great grandfather, George O. Persick, was an extremely talented gentleman and loved to paint with oils. I had the privilege of spending much time with him and remember well his words to me “keep on painting, never give up”. All of my grandparents were extraordinary individuals that made a profound impact on my upbringing and spirit. At the age of fourteen, I went to work in a local nursing home in order to help provide for my family. Later pursuing a nursing degree, which I consider to be a twin calling alongside my art. “At a young age I had found my passion and my purpose: to love and express love by the touch of the heart”. My artwork is an outlet for me to get away from the enclosing world that catches up to us all. Living in South Louisiana, I am surrounded by utter beauty of our landscapes. My inspiration comes from an inner desire to express my love for art, nature, and people through my pieces. My hope is to share my passion with my children, family, and community abroad. With no formal instruction, my talent is a God given gift. I work primarily in acrylic, oils, oil pastels, textures and spray paint. Each piece has an inspirational meaning with a whole lot of heart and soul put forth into its unique being. I am a GOLDEN Artist Educator and teach workshops using GOLDEN products. I encourage you to explore more on my Destination Art Excursions. “The one perfect thing about doing what you love is feeling one’s purpose and discovering your own imperfect perfection."