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GOLDEN Airbrush Colors are formulated from a 100% water-based acrylic emulsion, incorporating only the most lightfast pigments available. This results in exceptional permanency and performance. They are engineered to meet the highest standards of professionals, for use in airbrush, brush and technical pen. These offer the ability to create opaque, high intensity colors for illustration and fine art purposes.

Note: that these products are not for use on garments. For Applying GOLDEN Acrylics to Fabric, GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics blended with GOLDEN Airbrush Medium yields a paint system that is very durable in normal laundering, and that does not require heat-setting (however, ironing will increase performance).


The GOLDEN line of Opaque Airbrush Colors offer the ability to create opaque, high intensity colors for illustration and fine art purposes.

Key Properties:

  • Viscosity - ready to use, no dilution required
  • Permanency - only the most lightfast, durable pigments used
  • Color Saturation - rich, intense colors, allows the artist more control
  • Minimal clogging/tip-buildup - results in more time painting and less time cleaning
  • Compatibility with other GOLDEN Acrylic products (Fluids, Heavy Body, Matte, Matte Fluid)

GOLDEN Airbrush Titanium White is formulated to maximize opacity and maintain spray quality and film integrity. This results in the most opaque white imaginable. The other colors are formulated to achieve maximum color strength. This leads to a color line with varying levels of opacity which is a result of the nature of the individual pigment(s), with certain pigments inherently more opaque than others. GOLDEN Airbrush Transparent Extender can be added to the Airbrush colors to yield more transparent colors without jeopardizing the film integrity and permanency. In fact, lowering the pigment load by adding the Extender will actually increase the film's durability and frisket performance.

Allows for maximum amount of control while building up color intensity. Techniques requiring shading, smooth gradations and flesh tones are more easily executed when using the Transparent Colors to supplement the Opaque Colors.



  • Transparency - all colors have adequate strength while offering the ability to gradually build up color opacity and intensity. The entire line of Transparents is well balanced to insure that all colors are equally transparent.
  • Viscosity - ready to use, no dilution required.
  • Permanency - only the most lightfast, durable pigments are used.
  • Minimal clogging/tip-buildup - results in more time painting and less time cleaning.
  • Compatibility with other GOLDEN Acrylic products (Opaque Airbrush Colors, Fluids, Heavy Body, Matte, Matte Fluid).


GOLDEN Transparent and Opaque Airbrush Colors can be blended together for greater working possibilities. As they are finely ground, they easily spray through the smallest orifices available for airbrushes. They can be recoated immediately. Cleanup is easy and requires only water and a mild soap.

Golden Artist Colors also produces other full lines of acrylic paints, including Heavy Body, Matte, Fluid and Matte Fluid, that are compatible with the Airbrush Colors. These products can be used in conjunction with the Airbrush Colors to combine the effects of spraying with those of other application techniques, while working with the same color. When mixed with GOLDEN Transparent Extender and/or GOLDEN Airbrush Medium, the Fluid Acrylics perform very well for airbrushing, offering the artist still further choices in color selection.


The above information is based on research and testing done by Golden Artist Colors, Inc., and is provided as a basis for understanding the potential uses of the products mentioned. Due to the numerous variables in methods, materials and conditions of producing art, Golden Artist Colors, Inc. cannot be sure the product will be right for you. Therefore, we urge product users to test each application to ensure all individual project requirements are met. While we believe the above information is accurate, WE MAKE NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, and we shall in no event be liable for any damages (indirect, consequential, or otherwise) that may occur as a result of a product application.