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Technical Information Sheets

Product & Application Information

>Technical Q&A
Product Information
GOLDEN Acrylic Colors
Airbrush Colors
Fluid Acrylic Colors
Fluorescent Colors
Heavy Body Acrylic Colors
High Flow Acrylic Colors
Iridescent & Interference Colors
Matte Fluid Acrylic Colors
Neutral Grays
OPEN Acrylic Colors
Phosphorescent Green
GOLDEN Gessos & Grounds
Absorbent Ground
Acrylic Ground for Pastels
Black & White Gesso
Digital Ground
Sandable Hard Gesso
Silverpoint / Drawing Ground
GOLDEN Acrylic Mediums & Additives
Acrylic Flow Release
Acrylic Glazing Liquid
Airbrush Medium
Airbrush Transparent Extender
GAC Acrylic Specialty Polymers
Matte Mediums
OPEN Acrylic Medium
OPEN Thinner
Silkscreen Medium
GOLDEN Gels & Molding Pastes
Clear Tar Gel
Crackle Paste
Gels and Mediums
Gel Topcoat w/UVLS
Molding Pastes
OPEN Acrylic Gel

Self-Leveling Clear Gel
Silkscreen Fabric Gel
GOLDEN Varnishes
Archival Varnish - Mineral Spirit Acrylic Aerosol w/UVLS
Hard MSA Varnish (UVLS)
MSA Varnish (UVLS)
Polymer Varnish (UVLS)
GOLDEN Custom Products
Acrylic Modifier/Plaster
Glaze Colors
Hard MSA Varnish
High Load Acrylic Colors
MSA Gel (Mineral Spirits)
Porcelain Restoration Glaze
GOLDEN Professional Use
MSA Conservation Paints
Silkscreen Fabric Gel
Stop-out Varnish for Intaglio Printmaking

Application Sheets    
Airbrush Tips (Vol.1)
Airbrush Tips (Vol.2)
Clear Layers, Textures, and Glazes
Color Mixing Guide
Color Mixing Poster (.pdf)
Color Mixing - Modern Theory (.pdf)
Drying - Technical Notes
Fabric Applications
Fiberglass Sculptures
Film Thickness
Hard Edge Techniques
Image Transfer
Inkjet Prints and GOLDEN Products
Isolation Coat
MSA - Solvent Compatibility
Munsell Notation Listing
Murals (Exterior)
Oil Over Acrylic Guidelines
OPEN - Controlling Drying Times
Organic/Inorganic Pigment List
Painting Supports - Preparing
Protective Coatings - Test Results
Varnish Application Guidelines
Varnishing - An Introduction
Varnishing Watercolors
Woodstaining Objects

Resource Guides    
Substrates and Painting Supports Varnishing

Decorative Information    
Decorative Painting Terms & Tips
Decorative Painting Tools

GOLDEN Decorative Techniques
Linen Decorative Technique
Glaze Acrylics

2008 SALI Decorative Techniques
2007 SALI Decorative Techniques
2006 Decorative Techniques
2006 Faux Event Decorative Classes
2006 GOLDEN CHA Decorative Techniques
2005 GOLDEN Decorative Techniques (formerly SALI 2005)
2004 GOLDEN Decorative Techniques (formerly SALI 2004)
2003 Decorative Techniques
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