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Golden Gessoes & Grounds Absorbent Ground Characteristics of Gessoes Creating a Smooth Surface Encaustics on Acrylic Ground for Pastels Molding Paste Why Gesso Golden Heavy Body Acrylics Painting Oil Ground Priming Supports Support Induced Discoloration Underpainting Varnishing Oil - 29.787 Kb

FAQ: GOLDEN Gels & Mediums - 20.746 Kb

FAQ: GOLDEN Gessoes & Grounds

Printer Friendly Version Absorbent Ground: What is the proper dilution for absorbent ground to be applied to a mistake done on watercolor paper? Five parts Absorbent Ground to one part water is the process of applying Absorbent Ground on canvas to give a watercolor paper effect, and to accept Absorbent Ground is applied, allow at least 24 hours in good drying conditions (room temperature or Absorbent Ground cures can cause some of the ground to lift and mix with the colors. GOLDEN Fluid - 21.976 Kb

FAQ: GOLDEN Gessoes & Grounds

Ground? A Gesso can be considered a ground, but a ground does not have to be a gesso. A ground is a Ground and Acrylic Ground for Pastels. The Absorbent Ground is applied to any gessoed support and mimics the absorbency of a good watercolor paper. Acrylic Ground for Pastels is a clear product with - 20.939 Kb

FAQ: GOLDEN Gessoes & Grounds

smooth ground to work from. Alternatively, they could experiment with Absorbent Ground or Fiber have been tested for encaustic adhesion the following would not be recommended as a ground for - 20.253 Kb

FAQ: GOLDEN Gessoes & Grounds

Printer Friendly Version Ground for Pastels: How thin/thick should the water and Acrylic Ground for be a factor for smoothness of the Acrylic Ground for Pastels. You can either seal the surface with flow. You may also want to try some various brushes. The gritty quality of this ground adds some different brushing qualities. Sometimes a stiffer brush is better for the Acrylic Ground for Pastel - 19.166 Kb

FAQ: GOLDEN Gessoes & Grounds - 20.765 Kb

FAQ: Oil Painting

there enough adhesion of the Oil Ground to the Acrylic medium? There should be very good adhesion noticeably heavy coating (glossy). This will allow a rougher layer for the ground to adhere to. - 19.688 Kb

FAQ: Oil Painting

sulfate, Gamblin Ground makes canvas and linen stiffer than acrylic ground and more flexible than The use of Titanium Dioxide and Alkyd as an oil painting ground makes sense, so we don't see any - 32.941 Kb

FAQ: Techniques & Effects - 19.886 Kb

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