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Medium Properties
Medium Properties / Size Chart / Technical Information & Application Sheets /
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What Mediums Do
GOLDEN offers a wide selection of mediums that can function in a variety of ways. This section lists some traditional uses, but it is not intended to be exhaustive. New and different ways to successfully apply these products are always being discovered.

EXTEND PAINT: Adding medium to GOLDEN Acrylics can increase transparency, as well as extend paint. Student grade paints usually contain extenders, fillers and less pigment. Extending GOLDEN Acrylics with mediums allows the paint to go further, while maintaining a much higher quality than similarly priced "student grade" paints. Mediums can be added to GOLDEN Acrylics in any amount desired

ALTER CONSISTENCY: Mixing any fluid medium into thicker products, like Heavy Body Acrylics, will thin the paint and increase its flow. For additional body, paints can be mixed with Heavy, Extra-Heavy, or High Solid Gels. All Golden gels and mediums are compatible with the entire family of GOLDEN Acrylics.

CONTROL SHEEN: GOLDEN fluid and gel mediums are offered in a range of sheens, including Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Matte. The higher gloss of many GOLDEN Acrylic Colors can be reduced by adding any of the Matte mediums. Similarly, to increase the gloss of matte GOLDEN Acrylic Colors, the addition of a Gloss medium will prove effective. More subtle modifications can be created using a Semi-Gloss gel, or a combination of a Matte and Gloss fluid or gel medium.

ADHESIVE: Nearly all gels and mediums can be used as an adhesive in collage and scrapbooking when using materials that are porous and not water-sensitive. Other materials, such as glass, metals and plastics, should be avoided. Because of their greater binding capabilities, Gloss products are preferred for this use; however Matte and Semi-Gloss products will work for most applications.

GROUND/PRIMER: Many of the mediums can be used as a translucent ground or primer in place of more opaque products, like Acrylic Gesso, to allow surfaces to show through. Matte Medium and Fluid Matte Medium are commonly used for this purpose. Gels mediums can also be used, but must be applied with sufficient pressure to force the gel into the texture of the support to assure adequate adhesion.

BINDER FOR DRY PIGMENTS: Gels or mediums can be used as binders when creating paints from dry pigments. For more information see our article Just Make Paint which details the necessary steps:

What Differentiates the Various Gels and Mediums
Product viscosity generally separates Gels from Mediums. Mediums are pourable, liquid products; Gels are thicker.

Gel product names reflect their viscosity while wet, not their dry characteristics. Soft Gels are thinner than Regular Gels, which are thinner than Heavy Gels, which in turn are thinner than Extra Heavy Gels. All Gels have identical density and film quality once they've dried.

Reflectance or sheen is the most important difference between Polymer Medium (Gloss) and Fluid Matte Medium or Matte Medium. In the gels, nearly all are available in Gloss, Semi-gloss and Matte sheens.