Slow-Drying Medium

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Acrylic Glazing Liquid (Gloss, Satin) can be mixed with GOLDEN Acrylics to create glazes for interior application on walls or furniture. The slow drying formula provides sufficient working time for a wide variety of glaze and faux finishes normally accomplished with oils. It is also an excellent blending medium for painting. Available in Gloss (item# 3720) and Satin (item# 3721) 

 For health and safety information, download the Safety Data Sheet [PDF].

OPEN Acrylic Gels (Gloss/ Matte) are supplied in the same consistency as the colors and are used to extend the paints while maintaining working properties. (OPEN Gel Gloss item# 3135, Matte Item# 3136

OPEN Mediums help maximize working time of OPEN Acrylics and can be used to adjust color strength and translucency while maintaining consistency. OPEN Acrylic Medium (Gloss or Matte) will lower paint viscosity to create a more fluid mixture and increase flow. (OPEN Medium Gloss item# 3725, Matte Item# 3726) 

For health and safety information, see the Safety Data Sheet.