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Aureolin Yellow Hue


Aureolin Yellow Hue

Pigment History: Also known as Cobalt Yellow, Aureolin (Potassium Baltintrite) replaced an earlier pigment called Gamboge, an Asian yellow gum used until the 19th century. Discovered in 1848 by N.W. Fischer in Germany, Aureolin remained popular until the late 19th century, when less expensive, cleaner and more lightfast pigments like the Cadmiums were introduced. GOLDEN Aureolin Hue is a blend of three distinct yellow pigments of Hansa and Oxide offering bright mixing without being too acidy, the GOLDEN blend allows the artist to add vibrant, earthy warmth without dulling, as can happen with Yellow Oxide.
Pigment Classification: Mixture
Chemical Description: Arylide Yellow /
Natural Iron Oxide containing Manganese / Synthetic Hydrated Iron Oxide
Opacity/Transparency: 4
Lightfastness Rating: I
Permanency: Very Good
Colour Index Name: PY 3 / PY 73 / PBr 7 / PY42
Colour Index Number:11710 / 11738 / 77492
Munsell Notation Listing:
Hue 1.0 Y
Value 6.50
Chroma 10.0
Spectrophotometer Readings: N/A
Viscosity Range: 19000-24000 CPS
PH Range: 8.7-9.0
Gloss Average: 40.2
CIE L*a*b* Values: L*75.48 a*33.38 b80.36
Tint Strength: 92.27