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Naples Yellow Hue


Naples Yellow Hue

Pigment History: Naples Yellow, or lead antimoniate, has been extremely popular among painters for its pale warmth. Its use as a colorant can be traced back to about 1400 B.C. In its native state, Naples Yellow is a lead-based pigment, and therefore highly toxic. The GOLDEN Naples Yellow Hue blends Titanium White, Yellow Oxide and Diarylide Yellow to create an opaque, rich hue. While Naples Yellow Hue cannot reach the hiding power of lead, it achieves close working properties to the original.
Pigment Classification: Mixture
Chemical Description: Titanium Doixide Rutile/Synthetic Hydrated Iron Oxide/Diarylide Yellow HR-70
Opacity/Transparency: 2
Lightfastness Rating: I
Permanency: Excellent
Colour Index Name: PW 6 / PY42 / PY83
Colour Index Number: 77891 / 77492 / 21108
Munsell Notation Listing:
Hue: 10.0 YR
Value: 7.60
Chroma: 6.7
Spectrophotometer Readings: N/A
Viscosity Range: 22000-24000 CPS
PH Range:8.7-9.0
Gloss Average: 40.2
CIE L*a*b* Values: L*77.06 a*12.10 b*38.00
Tint Strength: 76.58

The Lightfastness Ratings included in this chart are provided by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) in the standard for “Artists’ Acrylic Emulsion Paints”. (ASTM D 5098, Annual Book of Standards, Volume 6.02). Colors with a Lightfastness Rating of I are considered Excellent (“Exc.”) and those with a Lightfastness Rating of II are Very Good (“V.G.”). Where Lightfastness Ratings have not been obtained according to ASTM test protocol, “NA” is indicated in the table. In these cases, data from pigment manufacturers and our own test facilities have been used and an appropriate description assigned under Permanency.