GOLDEN Paintworks is the commercial coatings division of Golden Artist Colors, Inc. Just as GOLDEN provides product solutions that enable artists to express their creativity and inspirations, GOLDEN Paintworks provides commercial and OEM clients with paintmaking technology, toll manufacturing and integrated solutions to help them achieve their business goals.

Solutions are tailored to directly address production challenges. GOLDEN Paintworks can design a full solution based on our expertise designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling professional quality paints and coatings. Whether a company needs help solving minor problems or turn-key solutions for major coating needs, we will always provide the highest-quality coating products and exceptional service.

The corporate mission of Golden Artist Colors is "To grow a sustainable company dedicated to creating and sharing the most imaginative and innovative tools of color, line, and texture for inspiring those who turn their vision into reality."

This vision clearly applies to professional acrylic, oil and watercolor painters, but doesn't stop there. It applies to commercial and OEM clients, and decorative painters as well.

To meet the specific needs of decorative painters, the Proceed Professional Decorative Painting System was created.  Developed by professionals for professionals, the Proceed line of materials is a concise, but complete, tool kit of high-performance paints, glazes, pigment dispersions, textures, and ancillary products that intermix seamlessly and give the professional decorative painter a virtually limitless ability to manipulate texture, color and sheen - and to produce and manage an extensive portfolio of decorative finishes with fewer individual products and with a much smaller investment in studio materials.

For more information about Paintworks, visit the Paintworks website and if you're interested in learning more about the Proceed System line of decorative paints visit the Proceed website.