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The lids off – (or not)

20 September, 2006 (09:54) | Paint Ideas | 11 comments
Post by Mark Golden

I was graciously sent an email by some wonderful customers, to look at a thread on about our product. I am always delighted when our customers are so willing to share with us, to help us become a more responsible Company. It was a great t…

State of Art at the NY State Fair

7 September, 2006 (16:53) | Community | No comments
Post by Mark Golden

It was such a sorry state of affairs to visit this year’s art show at the New York State Fair. Some wonderful paintings and photography sitting in a series of rooms that were more suited for the strung out antique show of organs, pianos and other…

Blends versus pure pigment colors

5 September, 2006 (07:52) | General | No comments
Post by Mark Golden

For most of our short history of Golden Artists Colors, we had prided ourselves on having largely single pigment colors. When we began the only color mixtures were our Permanent Green Lt. and our Quinacridone Crimson (using all Quinacridone pigment). I…

The Truth about Hues:

30 August, 2006 (14:02) | Plastic Arts | 17 comments
Post by Mark Golden

I just received a call from a teacher and artist who shared with me that students are being sent into the art stores to buy their colors for class and told that they can’t buy any hue colors. So they are passing by our historical colors, Sap Gree…

Special Conservation Issue of Just Paint

28 August, 2006 (18:56) | Community | 7 comments
Post by Mark Golden

The next issue of ‘Just Paint’ (#15) is about to hit your newsstands in Mid September. The issue is almost completely devoted to the topic of conservation of acrylic coatings and paintings. We were so delighted that Dr. Alison Murray of Queen’s University, Dr. Tom Learner of The Tate, Dr. Gregory Smith of Buffalo State […]

Have gas prices changed your art making?

15 August, 2006 (16:37) | Community | 18 comments
Post by Mark Golden

I know we’ve all taken it on the chin over these past two years with increases in gas prices affecting everyone and almost every purchase. In some cases fuel cost increases were very direct, but also considering the lack of supply, we were also facing shortages of materials. I know this had hit many of […]

Bring back the Naphthamide Maroon!

15 August, 2006 (01:01) | Uncategorized | No comments
Post by Mark Golden

How many times I’ve heard that chant. It truly was an amazing pigment. This very unique benzamidazalone chemistry was an incredibly rich blood red pigment. We’ve come close to this original color with blends of other pigments but nothing…

Acrylic Patina

24 July, 2006 (16:33) | From Home | 9 comments
Post by Mark Golden

Acrylic Patina If we were able to look into the future at our acrylic paint and your paintings and see them in a hundred years… five hundred years… a thousand years…. what might they look like? I realize this is more than a bit of a stretch… but I’d love us to make this leap […]

Can I use House Paint?

14 July, 2006 (10:39) | General | 25 comments
Post by Mark Golden

I can’t tell you how many hundreds of times I’ve heard that question from artists. If you’re asking for my permission by all means go ahead use house paint. Artists don’t need our permission to use any materials they want to use to create. The opportunity to create and the materials used to create with […]

Addictive Colors

25 May, 2006 (20:44) | General | 14 comments
Post by Mark Golden

We had a chance during our technical meeting today to discuss the wonderful responses I had on this blog to the question: What sets would a professional artist find attractive, if any? We had received so many wonderful contributions that it got us all thinking how we could go about changing what we have to […]

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