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Early reviews in for OPEN ACRYLIC

30 July, 2008 (14:20) | Paint Ideas | 3 comments
Post by Mark Golden

Well the early reviews are in for OPEN ACRYLIC and it couldn’t be more exciting.  Artists are discovering both the ease of using this product as well as how very different this is from any other acrylic paint.   This product has also clearly demonstrated to all of us how important the traditional acrylics truly are.  […]

It takes a team

3 July, 2008 (18:04) | From Home | 1 comment
Post by Mark Golden

We have just introduced our new OPEN Acrylic onto the market and we are sitting on pins and needles to hear the reviews from artists out there as they begin to work with the product.  I know this product is so different from others we produced that it will create new opportunities and new problems […]

OPEN just about ready for its debut!

27 June, 2008 (16:12) | Paint Ideas | 16 comments
Post by Mark Golden

We are just on the verge of our introduction of the new GOLDEN OPEN Acrylic to our retailers in North America.  It should start arriving in stores by the first or second week in July.  I am so excited with the response to this new product… this paint truly feels like no other paint.  I believe OPEN […]

Picking a palette

21 March, 2008 (10:07) | Paint Ideas | 16 comments
Post by Mark Golden

When we first began developing a color palette in 1980, the choices seemed quite simple: Provide the basic color set for the acrylic paints making sure that families of pigments are covered in a very traditional way. This meant the three cadmium’s in red and yellow; the basic earth colors, umber’s and sienna’s; the phthalocyanine […]

Do I still need cadmium on my palette?

21 January, 2008 (10:17) | Paint Ideas | 16 comments
Post by Mark Golden

Can this pigment be replaced and should it be replaced? This topic continues to be on the minds of folks with passions running both ways. Amongst many artists this range of colors is irreplaceable. The opacity and brilliance of the Cadmium Yellows is not matched by any other pigment or combination of pigments. The Cadmium […]

Confusion with Experimentals

21 November, 2007 (09:07) | General | 6 comments
Post by Mark Golden

It seems that our Experimental line of products have both inspired some folks to investigate unique materials but also confused many others. Introducing the Experimental line of colors allowed us finally to create a path to deliver products that we’ve been investigating in our R&D labs. For years we had been showing products at various […]

Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts Benefit a Huge Success

12 November, 2007 (15:56) | Community, From Home | 1 comment
Post by Mark Golden

We’re still glowing in the after effects from the wonderful benefit and silent auction for the Golden Foundation at the GOLDEN Gallery in Columbus, NY. So many artists contributed amazing works to the event. Our biggest concern was after receiving these amazing contributions from artists, would we be able to raise enough interest from folks […]

New Look to Blog

5 November, 2007 (08:00) | General | 1 comment
Post by Mark Golden

I’ll be off to Japan soon to speak to a range of students, faculty, conservators and artists over the next few weeks. While this is an amazing and exciting trip for me, it also gives our team here a chance to fix some of the issues with my blog. So while that gets done, I […]

Silent Auction Benefit for Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts

2 October, 2007 (18:47) | From Home | 3 comments
Post by Mark Golden

We have just days left before the fun begins with the Silent Auction benefit for the Golden Foundation. We have been so blessed with incredible friendships over so many years of the Foundation and our Company. We shared with just a small group of our friends that we were going to be having this fund […]

Pre Just Paint Excitement!

8 August, 2007 (17:58) | Paint Ideas | 14 comments
Post by Mark Golden

Sorry for being such a negligent blogger, simply no excuse! I wanted to share that we’ve been working on the next Just Paint and I am so excited about this issue. I’m not going to give away the content now other than to suggest that it is providing some basic information that they just didn’t […]

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