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A letter of thanks to Golden Artist Colors from the Golden Family

17 August, 2011 (11:53) | From Home | 1 comment
Post by Mark Golden

As we celebrate the opening of the Golden Foundation Artist Residency, it is truly a moment to reflect on the many artists, friends and family members who have contributed over the years to this effort.  To all of you we are so grateful that our vision has been part of your concern and kindness.   This […]

Championing Elderhood…

3 June, 2011 (14:07) | Community | 4 comments
Post by Mark Golden

I’ve shared previously that one of my other activities has been serving on the Board of Directors for The Eden Alternative, a culture change organization involved in improving the lives of all Elders.  Dr. Bill Thomas, the founder with his wife, Jude, have created a worldwide movement dedicated to changing the way society views aging.  […]

Cleaning up our piece of the world

31 May, 2011 (08:51) | General | No comments
Post by Mark Golden

Last week, about 90 of our staff members volunteered a couple hours each, to clean up all of the roads within our small community of Columbus, NY. This is no small feat to clean up all 45 miles of road, but many hands made the work a success. We’ve been doing this annual clean up […]

Golden selected as one of Inc. Magazine’s “Winning Workplaces”

26 May, 2011 (12:15) | Community | 2 comments
Post by Mark Golden

It is absolutely a thrill to share the news of Golden Artist Colors receiving Inc. Magazine’s “Winning Workplaces” award with the many supporters of our business.  I believe this award is a wonderful measure of what has made this company successful, and hopefully remain successful into the future.  It has always been by the efforts of our team […]

Getting Cold up here

12 November, 2010 (12:51) | General | 5 comments
Post by Mark Golden

We’ve been well below freezing for quite a few weeks now up here and I’ve forgot to take in my waterborne glues and paints from the barn. The Golden Acrylics are all protected for at least 5 freeze thaw cycles, but eventually the regular thawing and freezing will coagulate the acrylic making it into a […]

Keeping the Williamsburg touch…

30 June, 2010 (14:17) | General | 3 comments
Post by Mark Golden

As I speak to more artists working with the Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors it is clear that many had been so connected to Carl and if not Carl, to Beverly,  his sister, but if not a personal connection, they are absolutely connected to Carl’s ideals of making a paint for painters.  Their greatest concern is […]

Paint day at Golden Artist Colors

28 June, 2010 (09:27) | Community, From Home | 2 comments
Post by Mark Golden

This past week we started the celebration of our 30th year in business by taking a day off of inventing, making, filling, packing and shipping paint and about 140 of us spent the day painting.  We invited fourteen of our Working Artists from all around North America to teach 12 different classes.  Staff were able […]

Golden 30 years old today

10 June, 2010 (00:06) | General | 6 comments
Post by Mark Golden

I think back to the day my folks, my wife and I sat at the attorney’s office in Norwich, NY to sign the incorporation papers to begin Golden Artist Colors.  My folks put in $2,500 and I had to borrow from them my $2,500 for my part of the investment. But that was just the […]

Author – Jackie Battenfield, “The Artist’s Guide” lecturing in Syracuse at Everson

4 June, 2010 (12:40) | General | No comments
Post by Mark Golden

Well over three years ago, I shared a conversation with Jackie Battenfield, a wonderful artist and long time friend, about her desire to write a book to share her experiences and expertise in how to build a career as an artist.  Jackie had been coaching artists for over 15 years at the very well respected […]

Update on the Golden Foundation Artist Residency

31 May, 2010 (12:52) | From Home | 3 comments
Post by Mark Golden

I am delighted that we are now in the construction phase of the Foundation Residency Building.  The demolition phases of cleaning all the junk out of the barn, pulling out rotted beams and flooring, dismantling parts of the hand laid foundation and stripping off the siding were completed this previous fall.  The new footers, straightening […]

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