Techniques With Golden Product
The GOLDEN Acrylic System includes a comprehensive range of products with a wide range of viscosities, textures, and sheens. With so much to choose from, sometimes it can be difficult to get started. By way of introduction, GOLDEN Working ArtistsSM Program Director, Patti Brady, has created a series of illustrative guides to demonstrate just some of the applications possible with GOLDEN products. The introductions include finished product examples along with specific application techniques and observations about the products used.

Heavy Body
Clean Color Mixing
Metallic Textures with Amy Shawley
Fine Art Glazing Techniques using GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics
Fine Art Glazing Techniques with Acrylic Glazing Liquid and GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylics
Gessos & Grounds
Using Acrylic Grounds
Textured and Colored Drawing Grounds

Gels, Mediums & Additives
Light Molding Paste
Gels Are Cool!
Gel "Skins"
Direct Image Transfers
Working with Clear Tar Gel
Sgraffito Effects with Heavy Gel
Gels as a Drawing Ground
Video: Using Coarse Molding Paste as a Ground
Painting on Crackle Paste with Kevin Tobin
Metallic Textures with Amy Shawley

Decorative LibraryDecorative Techniques With Golden Product
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Tradeshow Techniques
2008 SALI Decorative Techniques
2008 CHA Decorative Techniques
2007 Sali Decorative Techniques
2007 & 2006 CHA Decorative Techniques