Animal Ingredients and Animal Testing

Do GOLDEN products contain animal ingredients?
Generally not. However, Bone Black pigment IS made from carbonized cattle bones. The following products contain Bone Black pigment:

0010100         Bone Black
0011950         Jenkins Green
0014420         Neutral Gray 2
0014430         Neutral Gray 3
0014440         Neutral Gray 4
0014450         Neutral Gray 5
0014460         Neutral Gray 6
0014470         Neutral Gray 7
0014480         Neutral Gray 8
0014600         Prussian Blue Hue
0014680         Terre Verte Hue
0020100         FLUID Bone Black
0021950         FLUID Jenkins Green
0024390         FLUID Prussian Blue Hue
0026950         MATTE FLUID Jenkins Green
0050100         MATTE Bone Black
0051950         MATTE Jenkins Green
0060100         HLA Bone Black
0070100         OPEN Bone Black
0071950         OPEN Jenkins Green

Does Golden test on animals?
No, we don't test our products on animals. However many of the raw materials we use have been tested on animals. This is because regulations require that the potential toxicity of chemical substances be determined in order to help safeguard consumers and the environment. The good news is that Europe is leading the world in requiring that companies make such data available to everyone in order to prevent the need for duplicate testing. Because we operate in the global marketplace, our supply chain is positively impacted by this change and we support this philosophy as compared to historical practices.